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Former Commerce Minister of Pakistan Speaks at ADBI Dr. Mohammad Zubair Khan (former Minister of Commerce of Pakistan) gave a Distinguished Speaker Seminar lecture at ADBI on October 27 on the drivers of Pakistan's long-run growth record. He highlighted the close linkages between the economy's growth performance, macroeconomic management, investment in infrastructure, and political economy issues. He made a case for better macroeconomic management, infrastructure investment, and a better business climate for the private sector to realize sustainable growth in Pakistan in the future. Closer economic ties with neighboring South Asia as well as East Asian economies would also provide an additional boost to Pakistan's growth. Read more.

Seminar Explores Impact of the Rise of Emerging Economies on Developed Countries

Seminar Explores Impact of the Rise of Emerging Economies on Developed Countries The rapid growth of emerging economies, and particularly the explosion of trade with developed countries, is occurring with remarkable speed. In 1980, developed economies had two-thirds of global GDP and emerging economies had one-third. By 2026, only 46 years later, trade flows are projected to be reversed—with emerging economies having two-thirds of global GDP and developed economies one-third. At an ADBI seminar held in Tokyo on 24 October, Don Drummond, Adjunct Professor with the School of Policy Studies and the Matthews Fellow in Global Policy at Queen's University, Canada, stated that an unambiguous positive effect of this sea change is a diversification of import sources in the global market. These imports offer less expensive consumer goods and are an affordable means for businesses to increase productivity-enhancing investments. Read more.

Seminar Discusses Euro Area and Russian Economic Developments

Seminar Discusses Euro Area and Russian Economic Developments In an increasingly globalized world, economic developments in one region have serious impacts on others. Offering European insights on regional developments, the ADBI-Bank of Finland Seminar on Recent Economic Developments in the Euro Area and the Russian Federation was held in Tokyo on 14 October. Tuomas Välimäki, Bank of Finland Chief Economist, highlighted that while financial conditions in the Euro area have improved, the region's monetary policy transmission is still uneven. Moreover, Iikka Korhonen, Director at the Bank of Finland, suggested that the Russian Federation faced a moderate economic outlook following recent political events in the region. ADBI Research Director Ganeshan Wignaraja moderated the seminar. Read more.

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Updated 29 October 2014
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