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GDP Growth in the People's Republic of China In an interview with NHK World News on the PRC's first quarter GDP growth, Peter Morgan,Senior Consultant for Research at ADBI, noted that the growth rate of 7.0% y/y was in line with government's growth target for the year. However, since the trend of growth was still slowing, and the growth environment was challenging both externally and domestically, the government was likely to adopt further monetary easing measures later in the year. See interview.

Changes in Japan's Foreign Direct Investment Flows

Changes in Japan's Foreign Direct Investment Flows Japan's foreign direct investment (FDI) to Asia has grown rapidly since 2000, but financial investment flows are lagging, said ADBI Dean Naoyuki Yoshino in a keynote speech at a workshop held at the School of Business Administration, South Western University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, People's Republic of China on 10 April. In 2013 most of Japan's FDI went to the EU (27 trillion yen), North America (25 trillion yen) and China (24 trillion yen in 2013, a six-fold increase since 1996). Dean Yoshino noted that there were a number of "pull (demand)" and "push (supply)" factors causing these increases in investment flows. Pull factors include the large size of domestic markets in those economies and the level of skilled labor, while push factors include the increase in costs of Japanese exports due to the strong appreciation of the yen and higher domestic wage rates, and a decline in domestic demand. In contrast, financial flows have lagged because of the lack of development of financial products and financial markets in Asia.

Improving Business-Friendly Infrastructure Investment in the Transportation Sector

© Leaflet - Dzhangeldy Uzbekistan 2008.JPG / Wikimedia Commons In spite of the proliferation of PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) initiatives in infrastructure projects across the globe, the public sector should still play a crucial multi-faceted role in facilitating infrastructure investments through land acquisition, consensus formulation with local residents, and maintaining a transparent, consistent and clear environment, said Kei Owada of the Social and Public Management Research Division at the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. in a recent seminar held at ADBI. Furthermore, he argued that innovative schemes that provide financial support to buyers in infrastructure projects, create and promote infrastructure funds to finance infrastructure investments, enhance international collaboration in PPP projects, and allocate substantial funds to infrastructure maintenance can also be important means to address the considerable demand for infrastructure development. Read More.

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Updated 16 April 2015
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