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Financial Development and Income Inequality Financial development contributes to lower inequality up to a point, but as financial development proceeds further, it contributes to higher inequality. This was the main conclusion drawn by Donghyun Park, Principal Economist in the Economics Research and Regional Cooperation Department (ERCD) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and Kwanho Shin, Professor in the Department of Economics at Korea University, at a recent seminar held at ADBI. Their findings also showed that when the ratio of students in primary school to those in school across age groups increases and law and order improves, financial development becomes more effective in reducing inequality. Read more.

Monetary and Financial Cooperation in East Asia

Monetary and Financial Cooperation in East Asia The global financial crisis and the eurozone crisis have led to a profound rethink in East Asia about the international monetary system and regional monetary and financial integration. In this new publication from ADBI, co-published with Oxford University Press, scholars from Asian countries describe their vision for deeper regional cooperation as a way to avoid reliance on the IMF and the rest of the world. Additional contributions by US and European scholars provide evaluations of the global and eurozone crises and of their relevance for East Asian integration. Read more.

Measuring Goods and Services Trade

 Robert Scoble - Seagate's clean room.jpg / Wikimedia Commons from Wikimedia Commons Recognizing the need for high-quality data and indicators to facilitate trade integration in Asia, and to enhance evidence-based decision making within the ASEAN Economic Community, an international seminar on Trade in Goods and Services Statistics, jointly organized by ADBI and the ASEAN Secretariat, was recently held in Manila. Discussion focused on international and practical guidance in compiling and reporting trade in goods and services statistics, particularly manufacturing services, maintenance and repair services, merchanting, transit trade, re-exports, business registers, foreign-affiliated transactions statistics, as well as the use of data linking to comply with the new standards for goods for processing. Officials from 12 Asian countries and experts from Australia and the European Commission attended the event. Read more.

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Updated 22 May 2015
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