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Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK): Digitization and Digital Libraries

This CD-ROM module is part of the Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK). The module offers a series of interactive lessons covering the workflows, processes, technologies, and skills involved in the creation, management and distribution of digital libraries. It captures many of the lessons from the first IMARK module "IMARK: Management of Electronic Documents".

Learners may create a tailored course to meet specific learning needs by developing a personal learning path (PLP). Lessons can be combined to form a curriculum that covers only the areas and topics of specific interests.

In addition to the module, learners can become part of the IMARK online community, which provides an interactive space for contributors and learners to share and exchange information, and to collaborate with other information management professionals.

Please consult the IMARK website for details concerning the release of other modules, and other language versions of this module.

Read ADBI's review of this CD-ROM.

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