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Asian Economic Think Tanks: ADBI Pocket Guide

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This is a handy guide to the leading Asia-Pacific think tanks working on development and economics. Each entry

  • provides web links to the think tank and its research staff,
  • describes the current research program,
  • lists if visiting researcher or internship programs are offered, and
  • states whether online publications are freely available.

In compiling such a guide we have reluctantly excluded many excellent think tanks, university departments or government agencies that did not match our basic search criteria. We have concentrated on stand-alone think tanks, primarily from developing countries in Asia-Pacific, that focus on economics and maintain websites in English.

Please contact ADBI with suggestions for new think tank entries, expanding our category coverage, or advising corrections.

The views expressed in this book are the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Asian Development Bank Institute nor the Asian Development Bank. Names of countries or economies mentioned are chosen by the authors, in the exercise of his/her/their academic freedom, and the Institute is in no way responsible for such usage.

Download this Book [ PDF 527.2KB| 94 pages ].

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  1. JVI
    (posted 29 March 2007 / 11:46:42 AM)

    I also think that there is very limited information about Philippine-based think tanks. I think the report should also at least provide information how they participate with ADB business operations and their past and previous undertakings with ADB.
  2. YN Zabortseva
    (posted 27 January 2007 / 09:17:28 AM)

    Remarkable idea!
    However, regarding kazakhstani think-tanks the data is obviously insufficient.

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