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Chung Hua Institution for Economic Research

Staff & Research Interests page:
Current Research Programs: Domestic economics, industrial policy, regional economic cooperation and development, trade, PRC economic development.
Capacity Building & Training: Yes. Lecture series, workshops, symposia, and conferences.
Online Publishing: No.
Intern Program: No.
Visiting Fellows & Researchers: No.
Special Website Content: Yes. Website content offered in Chinese.
Address: CIER
75 Chang-Hsing Street
Taipei 106
Tel: 886-2 2735 6006
Fax: 886-2 2735 6035
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Taiwan [Sic] Institute of Economic Research

Staff & Research Interests page: - organizational chart listed under Ďabout TIERí
Current Research Programs: Macroeconomics, forecasting, manufacturing, industry, investment, energy, environment, transportation, finance, economic law.
Capacity Building & Training: No.
Online Publishing: Yes, but limited.
Intern Program: No.
Visiting Fellows & Researchers: No.
Special Website Content: Yes. APEC study center and international economic database. Website offered in Chinese.
Address: Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
7th Fl., 16-8 Tehui St.
Taipei 104
Tel: 886-2-2586-5000
Fax: 886-2-2594-6528 / 886-2-2599-7499

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  1. JVI
    (posted 29 March 2007 / 11:46:42 AM)

    I also think that there is very limited information about Philippine-based think tanks. I think the report should also at least provide information how they participate with ADB business operations and their past and previous undertakings with ADB.
  2. YN Zabortseva
    (posted 27 January 2007 / 09:17:28 AM)

    Remarkable idea!
    However, regarding kazakhstani think-tanks the data is obviously insufficient.

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