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The Philippines and Regional Development: Overview

What kinds of decentralization policies are best to promote regional development? How should countries in the Asia-Pacific region pursue their economic devolution programs?

The authors examine regional development in the Philippines to provide lessons that can be applied not only in that country, but also internationally. Three core observations are that countries pursuing decentralization must:

  • Establish a clear, predictable, and stable regulatory environment that governs center-region administrative and financial relations,
  • Invest in infrastructure with regional developments in mind, and
  • Resolve regional conflicts for the local and national good.

This overview is adapted from the forthcoming book “The Dynamics of Regional Development: The Philippines in East Asia.” Download the Overview [ PDF 686.8KB | 36 pages ].

The first chapter of the forthcoming book includes detail and supporting tables and figures not given in this overview. Download the first chapter for free. [ PDF 766.1KB | 55 pages ]

How to order the book.

The views expressed in this book are the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Asian Development Bank Institute nor the Asian Development Bank. Names of countries or economies mentioned are chosen by the authors, in the exercise of his/her/their academic freedom, and the Institute is in no way responsible for such usage.

Download this Book [ PDF 686.8KB| 36 pages ].

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