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ASEAN 2030: Toward a Borderless Economic Community - Draft Highlights

ASEAN 2030 Highlights This study is a collective effort led by ADBI in collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat and the Southeast Asia Department of ADB Headquarters. It looks at the key factors which will likely determine the next two decades of ASEAN economic development. By adopting a bottom up approach and conducting extensive stakeholder consultations, it seeks to answer a set of three interrelated questions.

It first identifies the aspirations of individual countries and the region as a whole by asking where they see themselves positioned in 2030. It then looks into the key challenges of development by asking what the outstanding hurdles in fulfilling aspirations are. It finally offers policy options by suggesting how to overcome those challenges in the next twenty years.

The ASEAN 2030 study is part of a wider study led by ADBI in collaboration with several ADB departments on: ASEAN, the PRC and India: The Great Transformation?

Download the highlights of the book.

The views expressed in this book are the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Asian Development Bank Institute nor the Asian Development Bank. Names of countries or economies mentioned are chosen by the authors, in the exercise of his/her/their academic freedom, and the Institute is in no way responsible for such usage.

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