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 Working Papers*

#TitleAuthorCountry/RegionSubjectDate Published
Adjustments of Capital Account Restrictions and Exchange Rate Regimes in East AsiaNaoyuki Yoshino, Sahoko Kaji, Tamon AsonumaEast and Central AsiaFinance27 March 2015
Dynamic Effect of a Change in the Exchange Rate System: From a Fixed Regime to a Basket-Peg or a Floating RegimeNaoyuki Yoshino, Sahoko Kaji, Tamon AsonumaFinance5 March 2015
Towards Trade Policy Analysis 2.0: From National Comparative Advantage to Firm-Level Trade DataLucian CernatTrade17 February 2015
SME Internationalization through Global Value Chains and Free Trade Agreements: Malaysian EvidenceMenaka Arudchelvan, Ganeshan WignarajaMalaysiaTrade16 February 2015
Dynamic Shift to a Basket-Peg or Floating Regime in East Asian Countries in Response to the People's Republic of China's Transition to a New Exchange Rate RegimeNaoyuki Yoshino, Sahoko Kaji, Tamon AsonumaChina, People's Republic of, East and Central AsiaFinance12 February 2015
Trilemma Challenges for the People's Republic of ChinaMasahiro Kawai, Li-Gang LiuChina, People's Republic ofFinance10 February 2015
International Spillovers of Monetary Policy: US Federal Reserve's Quantitative Easing and Bank of Japan's Quantitative and Qualitative EasingMasahiro KawaiJapan, United States of AmericaEconomics21 January 2015
The Impacts of Infrastructure in Development: A Selective SurveyYasuyuki SawadaInfrastructure20 January 2015
Estimating Dual Deposit Insurance Premium Rates and Forecasting Non-performing Loans: Two New ModelsNaoyuki Yoshino, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad NiliFinance14 January 2015
Why Do SMEs Not Borrow More from Banks? Evidence from the People's Republic of China and Southeast AsiaGaneshan Wignaraja, Yothin JinjarakChina, People's Republic of, Southeast AsiaFinance9 January 2015

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See the list of Discussion Papers.

*The Working Paper series is a continuation of the formerly named Discussion Paper series; the numbering of the papers continued without interruption or change.

Working papers are subject to formal revision and correction before they are finalized and considered published.

ADB Institute Working Paper Series
ISSN: 1882-3017

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