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Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK): Digitization and Digital Libraries

Reviewed by: Albert Dean Atkinson, Ed.D., Head, Information Resources and Services, ADB
Review posted 30 May 2005
Review No. 45

CD-ROM Information

Content: A computer-based learning course about digital libraries for capacity building in agencies, institutions, and networks worldwide. It offers a series of interactive lessons covering the workflow, processes, technologies, and skills involved in the creation, management, and distribution of digital libraries.
Publication Date: 1 March 2005
Audience: Policy makers and development professionals involved in establishing and managing digital libraries for international agencies and institutions. Its content is scalable and customizable, meaning that users ranging from novices to experts can benefit.

Size: 633 MB
Price: Free
Manual needed: No
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Review Summary

In every possible way, the Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK): Digitization and Digital Libraries module is another best-in-class example of computer-based learning. If users are serious about learning and applying the content delivered in this module, their success is assured. This is possible through the well-designed and sequenced content and provision of the necessary software and steps for actually accomplishing the module’s learning goals.

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  1. adrian marquez
    (posted 06 October 2005 / 12:43:41 AM)

    It´s a good development tool for libraries and electronic documents.
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