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Industrial Development Planning: Cluster-Based Development Approach Policy Seminar

Post-event Statement

This seminar was held in Tokyo from 14 – 19 May 2007. Eighteen national industrial policy makers and one self-financed participant learned cluster-based development approaches and exchanged views and opinions. Throughout the seminar, resource speakers and policy makers had intense discussions to figure out the most appropriate development approach for respective countries. Mutual collaborations among them were also explored. At the conclusion of the seminar participants drafted action statements to be used as a basis for their national policy designs. Papers and presentations are available on this website.

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To disseminate successful cluster development cases among key policy makers and to provide opportunities to discuss possible collaborations among academics, donors, and governments.

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Based upon the success and demand exhibited during the Cluster-Based Industry Development Workshop organized in Hanoi in May 2006, ADBI will continue to assist the transitional-economy member countries in Asia on this subject. This seminar will focus on higher-level government officials who are in positions to make industrial development policy at national and/or provincial level.

During the seminar common patterns of successful cluster development (quantity expansion to quality improvement) will be discussed and disseminated to high ranking policy makers. Key catalytic roles of governments during these processes will also be discussed and the importance of favorable policy environment will be highlighted. National support to local government will also be discussed. The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) representative will demonstrate cluster development agent (CDA) approaches which have been applied in India and other Asia countries.

An exposure visit to the relevant cluster development will be organized to observe effective provision of “marketplaces”, industrial zones, essential infrastructure, and other software support.

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The objective of the seminar is to widely disseminate and provide an opportunity to expose key policy makers to successful cluster development cases exists in the region. This seminar will complement the CBT activities provided during the May workshop and will aim at creating a favorable policy environment in participating countries so that trained mid-career officials will have better chances to apply acquired knowledge and skills during the last workshop. The seminar will also provide a forum for discussion among academics, donor practitioners, government representatives on the necessary donor support and mutual collaborations among the participating countries on this subject.

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  • Well-trained policy makers
  • Network of government agencies to share the information and knowledge on this issue
  • Executive summary of proceedings
  • CD-ROM of course materials

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Policymakers and practitioners from the public and private sectors involved in these fields. ADBI will receive nominations from respective governments and other sponsored participants.

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English (interpretation will not be provided)

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Each participant is required to participate in every session during the seminar and prepare an action plan for cluster-based development.

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Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development (GRIPS/FASID)
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

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