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Promoting E-Business and Commerce in Developing Countries

Post-event Statement

This workshop was held at ADBI, Tokyo from 1-7 September 2004. The workshop was attended by 23 participants from 19 countries. It was supported by Microsoft, IBM, and the Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan. The participants designed 23 e-stores and drafted 22 project proposals to improve e-business programs in their countries.

Workshop proceedings are published on this web site and several sessions are produced as lecture-based CD-ROMs.

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The use of electronic tools in business and commerce is on the rise. E-business and commerce involve more than just selling products online. It is any business transaction that takes place via digital processes over a network. It is also an enabling technology that allows business entities to increase the accuracy and efficiency of conducting business. Many organizations and individuals are looking to the web as the definitive source for information, goods, services, and communications. As business transacted over the web grows, the value of goods, services, and information exchanged over the Internet seems to double each year. It has far exceeded expectations of industry analysts and market research firms.

Starting an e-business for long-term success takes the same careful planning, efficient management, and good customer relations that are required for any other offline enterprise. It takes insights into the ways that e-business differs from traditional business. By employing e-business techniques, small businesses can access the same markets as larger businesses. The workshop will review diverse business models and cases to promote successful e-business.

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  • To review diverse business models and trends in electronic business and commerce practices
  • To examine conducive policies, legal framework and technological infrastructurefor promoting e-business and commerce
  • To draft action plans to promote e-business/commerce in the countriesrepresented

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  • About 30 trained participants in e-business and commerce
  • 30 action plans to be applied in introducing and improving e-business
  • Summary of proceedings
  • Workshop materials that can be converted into interactive CD-ROMs

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Decision makers in government ministries of commerce, economy, finance, or planning.Executive officers of private companies in developing countries.

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English (No interpretation is provided.)

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Participants are required to prepare a country report and an action plan to introduce ecommerceprograms in their own country. Suggested outlines of the country report and theaction plan will be provided in advance to the selected participants.

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