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ICT and Public Administration Reform

Post-event Statement

This workshop was held at ADBI, Tokyo from 23-27 August 2004. Participants had opportunities to discuss the challenges in using of ICT in public sector. One of the highlights was the preparation of public administration ICT plans. These action plans are expected to help promote the use of ICT in public administration.

Workshop presentations are published on this web site. A proceedings CD-ROM is available to order.

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ICT has played an important role in public administration reforms in many countries. It changes the way the government performs its functions and helps reduce operational costs. At the same time, ICT can increase the efficiency of government services. ICT is one of the key instruments that support good governance by increasing government transparency and accountability: this will eventually help reduce corruption opportunities. ICT empowers the general public to actively participate in policy formulation and help ensure transparent use of public funds.

There are several constraints that limit the use of ICT in public sector reforms in Asia-Pacific developing countries: lack of political will to change, lack of financial resources, lack of government officials’ ICT skills, lack of buy-in from the general public, and lack of support from the private sector. To overcome these difficulties, it would be very important to learn from the experiences of other countries in the region. During the workshop, participants will discuss the alternatives to promote more ICT use in facilitating public administration reforms and will prepare draft public administration ICT strategies/plans.

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  • To build the planning and implementing capacity of middle- to senior-level government officials who are involved public administration reforms focusing on theuse of ICT
  • To provide opportunities for participants to share experiences in using ICT to improve public administration
  • To assist participants in preparing public administration ICT strategies/plans

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  • 30 trained participants in ICT and public administration reforms
  • Prepared action plans to be adopted by participating countries
  • Summary of proceedings
  • Workshop materials that will be published in CD-ROMs and on ADBI website

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Middle- to senior-level government officials who are involved public administration reforms with the focus on the use of ICT from ADB’s developing member countries.

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English (No interpretation will be provided)

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Each participant is required to (i) participate in every session during the seminar and (ii)prepare a public administration ICT plan. Suggested outline of the action plan will be send to selected participants in advance.

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