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ADBI-OECD Conference on Skills Development in the Postcrisis Context


Many Asian economies have achieved substantial reductions in poverty and creation of employment by export-oriented development strategies, focused on the US and European markets in recent decades. Relatively well-skilled labor forces have been a key element of these strategies. But the global jobs crisis, which the financial crisis has provoked, will likely result in skills losses as some of the newly unemployed could lose contact with the labor market and become more permanently unemployed.

Looking ahead, the global financial crisis has demonstrated that this export-oriented growth model can no longer be relied upon to sustain the region's economic and employment growth as US consumer spending will remain sluggish over many years to come.

Developing Asian economies now need to adapt their development strategies to this more difficult environment and to take up the challenge of “rebalancing growth” towards greater reliance on domestic and regional demand. Such re-balancing will require job creation in new sectors and adaptation of existing production techniques, and therefore new skills development in these areas. A new area-based, integrated approach will be needed to develop a competitive economy and an adequate skills base simultaneously. Skills development policies should also be a key component in strengthening both industrial and social resilience in the face of future possible crisis and in nurturing decent work for all.

This conference will build on the joint ADBI/ILO December 2009 Tokyo conference on “Employment in the Post-Crisis Context”, and the joint ADBI/ILO/ASEAN March 2010 workshop on “Labor Market Information and Analysis in ASEAN”. It will contribute to the Initiative on Employment and Skills Strategies in Southeast Asia (ESSSA)* jointly led by the OECD and the ILO.

This conference will deal with the following issues relating to skills development: (i) skills development to support re-balancing growth; (ii) local integration of employment, skills and economic development; (iii) skills development and the informal economy; (iv) skills development for SMEs and microenterprises; (v) skills development and green jobs; (vi) building effective local partnerships for skills development.

This conference is being organized in cooperation with the OECD LEED Programme (Local Economic and Employment Development)*.

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  1. Better understanding of the development policy challenges in the post-crisis world.
  2. Policy recommendations concerning skills development in post-crisis development at both local and national levels.
  3. Policy recommendations regarding the role of the local level in the recovery
  4. Closer cooperation among key stakeholders handling this issue.
  5. Presentation materials and summary of proceedings to be uploaded on ADBI website (6 weeks after the event)

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Policy makers from education and employment ministries, government employment agencies, and local government bodies, from selected Asian and OECD countries. Relevant employers, technical and vocational education and training institutions and community-based organizations and institutions actively involved in labor and employment issues across Asia and the Pacific.

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How to Apply

Participation is by invitation only.

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English (no interpretation will be provided)

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In addition to the OECD LEED Programme, the following organization will be partners: International Labour Organisation, World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

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