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The 6th Seoul International Competition Forum and the 6th East Asia Top Level Officials' Meeting on Competition Policy


The Seoul International Competition Forum (SICF), held biennially since 2002, aims to help advance Korea's competition law and policy, establish the culture of competition and spread competition law worldwide. The forum was first conceived in 2001 when the Korea Fair Trade Commission invited officials of competition agencies and international organizations and experts in competition law and policy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Commission's foundation and to seek a forward-looking direction of its competition policy.

To date, SICF has made a meaningful contribution to the development of competition law and policy through discussions on various competition issues joined by high ranking officials of many competition authorities and international organization such as the OECD, UNCTAD, competition law practicing lawyers, and prestigious academics.

This year, the 6th Seoul International Competition Forum will be held on 15 September 2010 and will focus on (1) digital convergence and competition issues, (2) horizontal expansion of competition law in Asia, (3) sector regulation and competition law enforcement, and (4) better competition authority.

The East Asia Top Level Officials' Meeting has been organized annually to foster closer cooperation among competition authorities/competition related authorities in East Asia through exchange of views and experiences on competition policy and its best practices, and to enhance the effectiveness of technical assistance (TA) activities through better coordination among TA providers and between TA providers and recipient countries. The 6th Top Meeting will be held on 16 September 2010 and will comprise two main sessions, the first on recent development of competition law and policy in East Asia, focusing on newly established competition agencies, and the second on effective technical assistance program and cooperation among competition agencies.

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  • Enhanced understandings on competition policy and laws in East Asian countries,
  • Closer cooperation on competition policy among East Asian countries particularly in the area of technical cooperation,
  • More efficient and effective delivery of technical assistance from both standpoints of technical assistance donors and those of recipients, and
  • Summary of proceedings

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Senior officials of competition authorities / competition related authorities of East Asian countries.

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English (no interpretation will be provided)

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