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Conference on an Integrated Approach to Skills: Designing and Financing Effective Strategies


Skills development is a central element of strategies to reduce poverty and promote rebalanced growth. It aims to bring the workforce to levels that help local economies seize opportunities provided by innovation and globalisation. It contributes to building better jobs, raising income prospects and nurturing overall prosperity.

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The ADBI/OECD conference on Skills Development in the Post-crisis Context, held in Tokyo in September 2010 identified the lack of co-ordination between labour market policy and vocational training as a clear impediment to successful skills development in developing Asia. It called for further work to be carried out on: i) how integrated skills strategies can be designed in practice; ii) what is the role of various stakeholders locally; iii) what are the implication for ministries of labour, education and the economy; iv) how can integrated skills strategies be financed; v) how can successful partnerships between education and industry be built, reaching SMEs in both the formal and informal economy; and vi) how to build the necessary data.

To address these issues, ADBI and OECD, in cooperation with Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center (AFDC) and International Labour Organization (ILO), are co-organising a follow-up event, in Shanghai, PR China. Participants will be able to learn from the best practice experience of the city in the design and implementation of an integrated skills strategy, Shanghai Highland of Talent, which takes a balanced approach to attracting, up-skilling and integrating the disadvantaged.

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  1. Better understanding of skills development policy challenges.
  2. Policy recommendations concerning skills and employment at both local and national levels.
  3. Closer cooperation among key stakeholders handling this issue.

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  • 25-30 mid- to senior-level government officials from education and employment ministries, government employment agencies, and local government bodies, from the following countries: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, PR China, Philippines, Singapore, Taipei,China, Thailand, and Viet Nam.
  • Government officials from interested OECD countries.
  • Skills development experts from ILO and AFDC

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How to Apply

By invitation only.

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To make a country presentation.

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Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
International Labour Organization (ILO)
Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center (AFDC)

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