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Conference on Global Economic Cooperation: Views from G-20 Countries


Since the unfolding of the 2008 global financial crisis, the G-20 has played a major role in coordinating macroeconomic policies to revive the world economy. As the premier forum for international cooperation on the most important aspects of the international economic and financial agenda, it brings together the world's major advanced and emerging economies. The objective of the G-20 is policy coordination among its members in order to strengthen financial regulations, reduce systemic risks, prevent future financial crises, reform the prevailing international financial architecture, and achieve global economic stability and sustainable growth using, as a basis, nine clearly identified development pillars.

Since the outbreak of the Euro zone banking as well as sovereign debt crises, the focus of the G-20 has shifted back to addressing short run issues, however. The imminent risks for advanced economies include financial fragility, excessive sovereign debt, weak growth and high unemployment. Emerging economies remain vulnerable in an uncertain environment as de-leveraging by global banks and the 'search for yield' exerts pressures on them.

It is in this context that ICRIER and ADBI will organize their fourth G-20 conference in New Delhi in October 2012. Since 2009 ICRIER and ADBI have been organizing an annual conference bringing together academics and key policy makers from G-20 member countries to deliberate on a range of pressing issues. The previous three conferences in these series, each which was held prior to the Toronto, Seoul and Cannes G-20 summits, had deliberated on the then G-20 agenda. The focus of the present conference is on bringing clarity to these important new issues of concern for the G-20 while continuing the dialogue on the still-pressing issues of stabilization and rebalancing thrown up by the economic crisis.

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To bring together academics and policymakers from different G-20 countries and discuss on issues that are of immediate concern and importance for the G-20. The principal issues that have been identified for the conference are:

  1. The Eurozone Crisis: Short-Run Challenges and Options
  2. Global Imbalances and their Consequences: Past, Present and Future
  3. Financial Regulatory Reforms: Not far enough or Overkill?
  4. Reforming the International Monetary System: The Need for a New Framework
  5. A Macroeconomic Policy Agenda for Emerging Economies: What Does Research Tell Us?
  6. The Current Policy Dilemma: Austerity or Growth

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Academics, high-level policymakers and market participants.

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How to Register

By invitation.

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English (no interpretation will be available)

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