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ADBI-JFSA Joint Conference: Strengthening the Asian Financial Sector toward Sustainable and Inclusive Growth


The 2008 global financial crisis threw into disarray the financial systems of the United States and many European countries, strained financial systems in several emerging economies, and affected growth in virtually all countries. This brought into sharp relief the centrality of having sound financial systems for emerging markets. Sound financial systems are vital to long-term and balanced development in emerging economies as well as to absorb various shocks.

Emerging markets face particular challenges in stabilizing their nascent financial systems in the face of shocks, both domestic and external. These challenges occur at a fundamental level in emerging markets, many of which are at the point of creating sound banking systems, widening inclusion in the formal financial system, and creating and developing sound capital markets.

The eurozone crisis is again posing a major threat to global economic growth and financial stability. At the same time, the process of monetary and financial integration in the European Union also offers important lessons for such integration in Asia, although the Asian integration is at a much earlier stage. It is important to identify potential risks to economic and financial stability in Asia resulting from the crisis. Regional cooperation needs to be strengthened to minimize the potential impact of those risks. The crisis is leading to a reshaping of the financial sector in Asia, as the withdrawal of European banks is being offset by greater entry and activity of Australian, Japanese, and emerging Asian banks in the region.

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The objective of the conference is to engage high-level academics, think tank scholars, policymakers, and practitioners on design of effective regulatory and policy frameworks that will promote financial system development and stability. A range of pertinent issues will be examined, including:

  • Review and assessment of Asia's financial market structure and its implications for enhancing financial regulation in the region;
  • Examination of recent developments and challenges in Asia's financial sector, particularly the regulation of financial institutions in Asia after the 2008 global financial crisis;
  • Analysis of the implications for and challenges to Asia's financial sector of global and European financial regulatory reforms, including European cross-border regulation and global reforms such as the Basel III capital adequacy rules; and
  • Examination of issues related to strengthening of regional regulatory and supervisory systems and frameworks, including:
    • Assessment of the benefits of constructing early warning systems and indicators for financial stability in Asia; and
    • Review and assessment of regulatory issues related to the provision of microcredit in the region.

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A selection of papers from the conference will be published as a book.

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Academics, think tank scholars, policymakers, and practitioners.

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