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Poverty and Inequality in Asia


This workshop will discuss data access issues, methodologies for poverty and inequality estimation and collaboration possibilities with developing member countries (DMCs) to produce poverty and inequality estimates for the region.

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Despite robust economic growth, the Asian and Pacific region remains home to almost two-thirds of the world's poor. The region also faces rising inequality.

To assist DMCs in reducing poverty and promoting inclusive growth, it is essential for ADB's DMCs to work together on measuring, monitoring and analyzing poverty and inequality. These tasks will be the responsibilities of the recently established Poverty Unit in ADB. This will require reliable, representative and updated data on expenditure, income and other relevant household survey data.

While many countries provide poverty and inequality estimates, most are not comparable across countries as they are often obtained using different reference years and different methodologies such as different poverty lines and even different variables, making aggregation impossible. World Bank estimates are often outdated, with limited country coverage in the Asian and Pacific region.

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  1. Provide an overview of poverty and inequality in Asia and the need to promote more inclusiveness.
  2. Discuss the current situation and trends of poverty and inequality in the context of each country's development strategy and government policies.
  3. Discuss data and measurement issues for inequality and poverty analyses, and address the problems and solutions.
  4. Discuss key points covered and ways forward to improve the existing conditions.

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  1. Sharing of as-is state of economic data governance (with an emphasis on poverty data reconciliation and extrapolation techniques) for participating countries.
  2. Identify areas within data governance, collection, and estimation methodologies for future training programs.
  3. Knowledge-sharing of best policies and practices in poverty data collection and estimation methods.

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Mid-level to senior government officials.

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How to Register

Participation is by invitation only.

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Actively participate in discussions and share views and experiences with others. Collaborate with participants to prepare and make presentations.

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ADB ERD (Development Indicator & Policy Research Division)
Emik Research

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