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Strengthening Policies and Practices for Low-Carbon Green Growth in Southeast Asia and East Asia


This event aims to (i) facilitate discussion among research and policy making communities on low-carbon green growth, (ii) assess key policy challenges in tackling climate change and accelerating green growth, and (iii) discuss implications and relevance of the ADB-ADBI study for policymaking.

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Asia is at a crossroads. As the world's most populous region, with high economic growth, a rising share of global greenhouse emissions, and the most vulnerability to climate risks, Asia must be at the center in the global fight against climate change. Simply stated, Asia's resource- and emission-intensive growth pattern is not sustainable, with further gains in human will-being constrained by the environmental carrying capacity. Asian leaders recognize low-carbon green growth as an imperative—not an option—for developing Asia.

The region has taken on board the message that it must change, and it is starting to move toward low-carbon green growth. Many emerging economies have started the shift toward a new sustainable development paradigm that brings competitiveness to its industries and serves growing green technology markets.

  • Panel discussion to discuss the key findings of the ADBI book on low-carbon green growth.
  • Thematic course based learning sessions on policies and practices effecting low-carbon green growth.
  • Group discussions for developing credible regional cooperation strategies to accelerate low-carbon green growth.
  • Evening leadership seminars on identifying priority actions and innovative design of policy frameworks.
  • Field visit and fact finding mission on resource efficiency practices.

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  • To review and assess the low-carbon and green growth policies and practices taken by major Asian countries,
  • To share the lessons learned in climate change mitigation for widening and deepening actions at the sectoral and national level,
  • To identify policy gaps and financial mechanisms for working together.

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  • Enhanced awareness on the causes and consequences of climate change mitigation.
  • Clear understanding on integrated policy frameworks that will accelerate low-carbon green growth in Asia.
  • Improved capacity to design and analyze regulatory and market based policy instruments.
  • Strengthened partnerships and senior officials' policy statements to advance low-carbon green growth agenda through regional cooperation.

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High-level academics, think tank scholars, senior policymakers and others.

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English (no interpretation will be provided)

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Share country experiences and discuss multiple strategies to formulate action plans and road maps that will further proactive policies to strengthen low-carbon green growth practices in Asia.

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Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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