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ADBI Annual Conference on Realizing an Innovative, Inclusive, and Integrated Asia and the Pacific


The aim of the conference is to take stock of recent developments in the role of innovation for inclusive growth and regional integration, explore prospects and assess policy choices. It will also discuss prospects for sustainable growth, as well as scenarios for the monetary policy exit strategy against the backdrop of quantitative easing policies around the world. Papers will be published as ADBI working papers and as part of an edited book.

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Five years after the onset of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis Asia continues to face the challenge of achieving sustainable and inclusive growth. First, growth rates in the major export markets in the United States and Europe look likely to remain subdued for some years to come, which points to the need for greater trade integration within Asia to take greater advantage of the growing regional market. The implications of the various options for regional trade integration need to be assessed.

Second, greater financial integration in the Asian region is needed to facilitate the deployment of regional savings to support high levels of investment, including in infrastructure, while at the same time ensuring that such integration has adequate safeguards to control destabilizing volatile capital flows. How Asia will adjust to the unwinding of quantitative easing policies around the world is also a challenge.

Third, to sustain growth, Asia needs to enhance its innovative capacity. Greater research and development, and a better learning environment in Asia will help improve education, healthcare, production, clean energy, and ultimately the overall productivity in the region. How Asia can become more innovative should therefore be evaluated.

The conference will gather well-known scholars and experts on innovation, inclusive growth, regional trade and financial integration, and actively promote a discussion on relevant issues, which is expected to contribute to the theoretical and empirical literature and regional policy dialogue.

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The key issue to be analyzed in the conference is the progress of economic and financial integration in Asia, including trade and finance. The conference will cover the following thematic areas:

  1. Importance of innovation on sustainable growth in Asia;
  2. Evolution and recent trends of inclusive growth in Asia;
  3. Recent developments in regional integration, both trade and finance, regulation and coordination; and
  4. Monetary policy exit strategy from quantitative easing policies around the world.

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This activity will produce six research papers, which will be considered for inclusion in ADBI's policy briefs or working papers, as well as in a published book.

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The authors of the research papers, scholars from well-known universities, research institutions, think thanks, experts from government agencies, and a broader audience from public and private organizations, as well as postgraduate students.

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