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Workshop on Central Asia's Participation in Global Supply Chains and Its Implications to Development Policies


This workshop will bring together high-level officials and private sector representatives from Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) countries to introduce and share knowledge and experiences on global supply chains and global production networks in the CAREC region.

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Central Asia has emerged as an important hub for global integration. Although intraregional trade among the Central Asian economies is small, the existence of diverse resource endowments and many economic commonalities provide an opportunity for trade diversification and specialization, which can fundamentally change trade patterns in many Central Asian countries and lead to paradigm shifts in development policies. One such force is global supply chain and production networks. By organizing their production to global supply chains, countries can benefit from exposures to new technology, easy access to foreign markets, and the integration between local and multinational enterprises. Global supply chains and production networks can also help countries support growth through strategic alliances and joint ventures of domestic firms with foreign counterparts.

Unfortunately, the lack of government capacity has kept many economies in Central Asia from reaping the benefits of global integration. One challenge is to ensure that the benefits from global supply chains and global production networks lead to sustained economic development. In particular, countries must adapt to these evolving economic settings as global chains expand, by implementing policies and strategies consistent with their development goals. It is in this context that this workshop is being organized.

To assess the usefulness and application of this workshop, a field trip to a Toyota vehicle factory in Nagoya will take place on 14 November. The objective is to learn Japanese practices of global supply chains and global production network as seen in the auto industry.

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  • Improvement in capacity of government officials in implementing policies and strategies related to global supply chains and regional production networks.
  • Sharing of best regulatory practices among Asian developing countries for integrating domestic industries with global production networks and supply chains.
  • Concrete policy recommendations for promoting GPN and GSC and analyzing their roles in formulating new development strategies in Central Asia.

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How to Register

By invitation only.

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The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Institute, and Central and West Asia Department, ADB

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