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ADBI-PRI Conference on Strategies for Maintaining Fiscal Soundness in Aging Societies


The purpose of this conference is to analyze the strategies for maintaining fiscal soundness in aging societies over the economic cycle. It will examine the experience of advanced and emerging economies, with particular reference to the situation of Asian emerging economies.

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Many economies will face rapid aging of their populations, which will raise social expenditures dramatically and tend to increase the risks to fiscal sustainability.

To maintain fiscal soundness, countries need to control government expenditures, especially social expenditure relating to aged people, which will tend to increase automatically.

Therefore, governments need to assess the areas they should prioritize in order to concentrate limited financial resources.

The purpose of the conference is to analyze the experiences of a number of countries in this area, including: (i) how each country balances its social security level with its available budget; (ii) how to share the division of labor between the government and the private sector; (iii) how each country is trying to solve its age-related problems; including political dimension; and (iv) how they raise necessary finances to support aging-related expenditures.

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The papers will be published as a special volume of the Policy Research Institute's Public Policy Review, and some may also be published as ADBI working papers.

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Open to the general public.

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Bilingual (English, Japanese)

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Policy Research Institute (PRI) of the Ministry of Finance, Japan

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