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The Pathway to Greater SME Internationalization

The Pathway to Greater SME Internationalization Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a key part of economies in Asia, Latin America, Europe and elsewhere, but the extent of their internationalization varies. A seminar held at ADBI on 16 January assessed business strategies and national level policies to promote the greater internationalization of SMEs. The event concluded that a market friendly business environment, access to finance, and institutional support were essential to SME internationalization. Read more.

20 January 2015

Why Do SMEs Not Borrow More from Banks? Evidence from the People's Republic of China and Southeast Asia

© Geraldshields11 (Own work) - China Merchants Bank 261.JPG / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 In this new ADBI working paper Ganeshan Wignaraja, ADBI's Director of Research and Yothin Jinjarak, associate professor at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, look at how the attributes of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the People's Republic of China and five Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam) relate to their borrowing practices with commercial banks. The authors show that SMEs are financed in four main ways: through internal sources and trade credit; external non-bank credit sources; bank borrowing dependant on SME financial audits, firm age, and export activity; and bank borrowing dependant on the personal assets of SME owners as the preferred main source of collateral. Read more.

15 January 2015

Examining the WTO from an Asian Perspective

Examining the WTO from an Asian Perspective Asia has built deep supply chains over decades and is experimenting with new mega-regional trade agreements and economic policies to sustain growth amid a fragile world economy. A just published ADBI book, with contributions from prominent Asian and international trade experts, critically examines key changes occurring in the world trading system and explores policy implications for Asia while offering lessons for other regions. Read more.

9 January 2015

ADBI and IDB to Hold Seminar on SME Internationalization

ADBI and IDB to Hold Seminar on SME Internationalization Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are the economic linchpin of many economies and play a crucial role in economic growth and job creation. However, relative to their contribution in national and local economies, they are under-represented in international trade. Greater internationalization provides SMEs the opportunity to achieve economies of scale, expand market share, and increase productivity. Therefore, SME internationalization is a potent way of accelerating economic development. A Latin American/Caribbean and Asia/Pacific Economics and Business Association (LAEBA) seminar to be co-hosted by ADBI and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on 16 January will provide an opportunity for experts in Asia, the European Union, and Latin America to share lessons and good practices on SME internationalization and identify policy options. Read more and to register.

8 January 2015

Measuring the Impact of Infrastructure Investment in Asia

© Australian cowboy - File%3AChang'an_avenue_in_Beijing.jpg / Wikimedia Commons / GNU Free Documentation License Dean Yoshino spoke on measuring the economic impact of infrastructure investment and the governance of infrastructure investment at the conference Economic Integration, People's Republic of China (PRC)–Japan Economic Cooperation, and Free Trade Zone Building on 21 December in Shanghai. The conference also explored issues including the role of PRC–Japan relations in Asian economic development, environmental issues in the PRC, and the impact of oil price volatility on Asian economies. Agenda.

5 January 2015

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