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HomeObjectives: Japan Fund for Public Policy Training

Objectives: Japan Fund for Public Policy Training

The JFPPT aims to

  • produce and use practical case studies so that realistic cases for deeper understanding of in-country political economic situations will be presented in the program through local languages;

  • target groups in central, provincial, and municipal governments and mid-to high-level officials and leaders to create synergies in public policy formulation. The program will help government officials to share a common framework of problem solving;

  • use multi-disciplinary and action-oriented teaching methods, covering economics, finance, law, and public administration. To ensure high quality, the program will seek medium-term academic partnerships with world-class public policy institutions;

  • focus on institution building for long-term sustainability. Partnerships with local training or research institutions will be set up and the main responsibility for designing course materials and providing lectures will be gradually shifted from foreign to local professionals; and

  • make materials freely available online in local languages.

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