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At ADB's annual meeting, ADBI held a seminar on 3 May 2008 to present the key findings and policy challenges that have emerged from this study. Panelists provided their insights into ADBI's work on this topic and debated how individual countries should deal with massive capital inflows and what regional cooperation initiatives can be introduced to best utilize capital inflows while maintaining prudent macroeconomic and financial sector stability.

The project held a high-level conference on 14 March 2008 to present a summary of the key findings of the research papers written for this project, and to discuss policy challenges and measures to manage capital flows, lessons for other Asian countries, and areas for regional cooperation. The research team shared their findings with a broad audience including high-level officials of the ministries of finance and central banks of ASEAN+3 and India, multilateral agencies and academics.

The project held a technical workshop on 11-12 December 2007 to present the preliminary drafts of the various research papers and solicit comments from peers, invited resource persons and technical staff of ASEAN + 3's central banks and ministries of finance.

An inception meeting was held on 24 October 2007 to organize the core study group and conduct a brainstorming session on the issues to be tackled in this project. Researchers discussed their preliminary ideas and outline of their reports including possible sources of data during this meeting. They also identified key policy issues that need to be examined more intensively in their individual studies.

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