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Research Program

ADBI research seeks to identify effective development strategies and improve capacity for sound development management in ADB DMCs. It focuses on medium-term and regional issues with strategic implications for development thinking and policy making.

Selection of research topics for 2015 – 2017: (i) use inputs from stakeholders via a needs survey; (ii) build on previous research projects; and (iii) incorporate feedback from research collaborators.

Inquiries are conducted via the network approach. The ADBI works with a variety of regional and non-regional actors, comprising of both in-house and external researchers.

ADBI's research priorities for 2015-2017 are clustered under four headings:

  • projects with crosscutting themes
  • inclusive and sustainable growth
  • regional cooperation and integration, and
  • governance for policies and institutions

For details on ADBI's research program, read the Three-Year Rolling Work Program 2015-2017.

Current Research

  1. Housing Policy for Inclusive Growth in Asia
  2. Central-Local Government Relations: Fiscal Sustainability
  3. Urbanization in Asia: Drivers, Impacts, and Policy Issues
  4. Financial Inclusion, Regulation, and Education: Post Office and e-Banking
  5. Role of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Inclusive Development in Asia
  6. External Shocks and Economic Growth in Asia

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